Turning customer criticisms into productivity

A majority of the time, criticism can be taken too far or become too personal. Whether you're on a sales call with a customer or getting feedback from other team members, here are a few tips on how to turn criticisms into productivity.

  1. Remove yourself from criticism: Don't feel as though someone is attacking you as a sales representative or a technician, think of criticism as nothing more than feedback on how to be the best at your job. Detaching yourself emotionally can make this much easier to handle than feeling you're being personally attacked.
  2. Consult with people you trust: It is important to talk to people you trust in your company to help you evaluate your criticisms. They may be able to help you better understand things in a way you never thought of before, especially when dealing with customer complaints.
  3. Turn it around: After you have evaluated the key points from your feedback, think of ways to improve. Make your criticisms a propeller to productivity. If it was a customer complaint for example, figure out ways to make that customer and future customers content and satisfied.

How do you handle constructive criticisms?

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