Turning on-the-fence customers into loyalties

You give a great sales presentation, give the customer all the information they need to make a well-informed decision, and then you hear that phrase: "I'm just not quite sure." These on-the-fence customers can seem like a lost cause, but keep these tools in mind and you can easily turn an "I'm not sure," into a "Where do I sign?"

  • Digital defense: When you've done all you can do verbally; break out your tablet or iPad. It's a great way to let the customer look through the information without feeling the pressure of a technician face-to-face. Sometimes just a moment of overview can help seal the deal.
  • Sweeter deal: Give technicians an allowance to use on discounts and promotions for swaying on-the-fence customers. (Sign today for a 5% discount on our upper-scale products).
  • Time and attention: Some customers just need time to decide. Answer any questions you can before leaving their home, then make sure to follow up with a personalized touch like a cookie delivery or a simple handwritten note.

What technique do you use to help "on-the-fence" customers?

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