Brand new look. Improved site search.

Find what you need faster than ever before.

Picture of the new LennoxPros homepage

Navigate with Confidence.

The homepage and navigation has been redesigned to be more intuitive, dynamic, and help you get the job done faster. Use these great new features to be faster online and run your business like a pro.

Brand New Account Menu

User account related menu items have now been tucked away into your Account Menu, contributing to the streamlined header.

screenshot of the new account menu

Easy Access Menu

You now have immediate access to some of the LennoxPros top visited tools and pages. Access the product catalog quickly with new drop down mega-menus that help you find what you’re looking for easily.

screenshot of the new easy access menu

Consistent Main Menu

The main navigation menu has been simplified and streamlined for better usability and consistency. You no longer need to remember where menu items are on your desktop vs. mobile device.

screenshot of the new consistent main menu

Find it. Faster.

Site search has been rebuilt from the ground up to provide you with more relevant results, faster, so you can spend less time searching for products, and more time servicing your customers.

The Search Bar Refined

The search bar is now prominent on every page in the site header. An improved type-ahead functionality now includes categories and clicking on a suggestion takes you directly to that product page.

screenshot of the new search bar

Relevant Results

The search results page has been redesigned to show the most relevant, available products first. Your results have also been visually arranged to improve readability and help you find your products easier, and faster.

screenshot of the new relevant results feature

Zero in on your products

Filter functionality has been greatly improved so now it’s easier than ever to apply filters to your search and view the filters that you have applied.

screenshot of the new filter functionality