Upgrade systems before emergency hits

An HVAC system upgrade is necessary for some customers as the weather warms up - and when your customers aren't in an air conditioning emergency, it's a perfect time for an upgrade!

However, convincing your customer to think ahead is the true battle. Your customer may just be happy that their heating bill is no longer sky-high and isn't thinking ahead to the warmer months.

Preventative maintenance
Have a seasonal maintenance schedule? Spring is the ideal time to bring up any upgrade suggestions you may have and talk over the importance of thinking about summer heat. Do a whole-home comfort audit and evaluate what your customer will need to prepare for the hottest months.

Emergency planning
Stress a "thinking ahead" mentality to your customers by talking about what could happen if they don't upgrade before an extremely busy season. Scheduling conflicts could come up or worse - an emergency could happen on the hottest day of the year.

Train your sales team (including technicians)
Vamp up your sales team while the season is slow. Some extra training on getting the customer to "think ahead" wouldn't hurt. It'll undoubtedly mean bigger dividends for your company.

Now more than ever, customers have highly economical and viable upgrade options. Convincing them of this incredible value is half the battle.

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