Upgrade your trucks & equipment before the rush

Before your company is overwhelmed with work this summer, take a moment to check out our five-point checklist on getting your fleet ready for spring and summertime.

  1. Take an inventory of your truck. Spend an afternoon taking everything out of your truck, cleaning out the space, then placing it all back in the proper place. It will not only make finding tools and equipment easier, but also keep the interior of your vehicles clean.
  2. Make sure all the vehicles in your fleet are current with their inspection stickers. Not only is this safer for the driver, but also keeps you or your employees from getting stuck with a ticket for an expired inspection sticker.
  3. Make sure the outside your company's HVAC vehicles are presentable. Your HVAC vans are a form of advertisement for your company - peeling decals, overly dented bumpers or dirty cars are all a representation of your brand. Through keeping up with your vehicle, you are show current and potential customers that you are responsible and professional.
  4. Equip your drivers with a hands-free GPS system. As cities continue to grow outward, it is more and more likely that your employees will have to travel to areas they are unfamiliar with. A hands-free GPS system will keep them off their phone while driving, as well as insure that they show up to customer meetings on time.
  5. Stock up on thenon-tool essentials. You never know what you're going to face in a day's work, so do your best to be prepared.

How do you prepare your fleet of HVAC vehicles for busy season?

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