Use "shadowing" to recruit HVAC employees

Job shadowing is a great way for your HVAC business to recruit future employees without wasting money or your precious time. Show recruits what it's like to work a day in the life at your HVAC company. Here's three ways to have a great shadowing experience - for both your potential employee and technician.

Make your recruit feel at home

Brief your potential employee on what your schedule will be like for the day. Don't go out of your way to make it an over-the-top day - you want it to be an average day so your recruit will know what to expect from a job with your company.

Encourage questions

Through being enthusiastic about your job and encouraging your recruit to ask questions, you will not only create a good reputation for your company but also display your knowledge about your trade.

Follow Up

The best way to make sure your recruit feels like part of your HVAC businesses' family is through a follow up phone call. Answer any further questions they may have, and offer to speak with them further about available positions when the time is right.

Do you use shadowing as a way to recruit for your HVAC business?

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