Using Technology to be More Effective

Staying on top of technological advancements is a big part of our profession. HVACLS offers a number of tools that can help make your job so much easier. Here's a breakdown of what's available.

Tools for the job.

DaveNet® No Boundaries is an invaluable resource, and when they say “No Boundaries,” they mean it. You can check availability of parts, warranty coverage, current pricing, and reference documents from any device. This means you don't have to call in or carry a laptop or manual with you-all the answers you need are right in the palm of your hand.

Tools for the office.

HVAC Learning Solutions has a few tools designed with your success in mind. There's a resource for any job and any level of experience, from our Virtual Build-a-Tech® program, which lets you train and improve your skills online while still working in the field, to our Sales Lead Tracking Tool, which helps you run your business in one comprehensive sales tracking system.

Tools to use with clients.

Get visual. Infographics turn data into visual aids designed to help you educate your customers. You can use infographics, illustrations, and photos to offer another way to help put your customer's needs into the proper context. They might not know the technical terms, but if you are showing them a step-by-step procedure as you explain what they need, they are more likely to understand the process and appreciate you more.

Using technology in a positive, efficient, and productive way is almost second nature to our business. With just a click, you too can be a more effective technician.


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