Utilize Technicians to Boost the Bottom Line

It's the age-old debate - should your technicians be expected to sell? I say hire for sales skills, even if you don't use them. Even if your technicians don't "own" sales for the company, they can help the cause.

Here's how to boost sales through the tech team:

  • Be helpful: Sometimes a sale is simply made easier by being the most helpful consultant possible. Technicians shouldn't just be "fixers," but also all-knowing consultants. They should be able to spot a problem quickly and give recommendations without searching the handbook.
  • Training is key: To become a client advisor, technicians should be trained on all products and sales skills. This is especially important on smaller teams.
  • Speak the language: Refine technician language. Words are powerful in sales.

Where do you stand on the debate of selling technicians?

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