The strengths millenials bring to your work environment

There are 80 million millennials about to join the workforce - is your company ready? Born between 1980 and 2000, the millennial generation has a reputation for being entitled, social media obsessed and overcommitted. While these stereotypes are not necessarily true, there are ways to use the characteristics of this highly ambitious generation to your advantage.

Here are five tips for utilizing the strengths of your millennials workforce.

  1. Millennials yearn for leadership - provide it for them. Give them structure, guidance, and due dates. A sense of accomplishment will not only make them work harder, but also be proud of their work.
  2. Take advantage of their strong connection to social media. If your company doesn't have a blog or isn't on social media, this would be a great project for millenials.
  3. Give them challenges. Boring is bad for this generation that is used to variation in their daily lives. Millenials are not daunted by multi-tasking and prefer to stay busy. Through giving them different goals and tasks to complete within the workplace, you will keep them both busy and satisfied.
  4. Create a work-life balance in your workplace. Millennials are used to doing anything and everything - their lives are full of activities. Create a work kickball or softball team to get some out-of-office activities going that will result in inter-office friendships.
  5. Give them opportunities to grow within your company, both career-wise and personally. Millennials value meaningful work that will help them learn and grow their professional skill set.

While Baby Boomers and Generation Xer's will be at the helm of your company, the Millenials are key to keeping your HVAC company relevant.

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