The tools that aren't in your HVAC work truck

While you never know what you're going to face in a day's work, it's better to be over prepared than sorry. While tools and samples for sales are a given, I have some suggestions of things to carry in your van that may not have occurred to you. Some of these fall under common sense, others common courtesy.

1. A first-aid kit. From tiny cuts to something a little more serious, a first aid kit will help you be prepared. It will also keep your workplace sanitary and prevent you from catching unwanted illnesses and infections.

2. An extra shirt. Summer is coming and that means the heat is on its way. A spare shirt will not only keep you looking fresh, but also feeling so.

3. Shoe booties. Accessing HVAC systems can require you to enter dirty spaces like attics or backyards. Your customers will appreciate you not tracking dust and dirt into their home through covering your shoes with foot booties.

4. Gum or breath mints. Smelly breath doesn't only distract from sales, but is also bad customer service. Popping a mint before you meet with a client will make everybody happy.

5. Hands-free GPS Navigator. Arriving behind schedule to an appointment is one of the most common complaints of field service customers. Don't let showing up late ruin your customer service reputation with a new customer. A GPS navigator will help you navigate new and unknown neighborhoods without getting lost.

What do you think is a van necessity that we didn't mention?

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