Watch out for hackers: mobile security tips you never knew

Mobile devices for HVAC techs mean a few things, including added sales tools and on demand contact with managers. To keep your mobile device beneficial to work, you must ensure that it's protecting important company and customer information.

Here are a few ways to help monitor your mobile security:

  • Watch your WiFi connection: Connect to WiFi outlets you know and trust. Public networks such as coffee shops and fast food restaurants make for a quick but unsecure connection. If connecting to public WiFi is a must, disconnect from the network as soon as possible, and check your settings on your tablet to ensure that the network is forgotten or deleted.
  • Monitor privacy settings: Does your WiFi connect to networks automatically? What about password protection? Spending a little time with your settings can mean better security.
  • Apps for security: Do some research on applications for security; a favorite of mine is Lookout which monitors WiFi security, location services, and information backup.
  • Official downloads: Sometimes the free version isn't always the best version; hackers are well aware of this. When downloading apps, always check the publisher name. For example, if you're downloading the Yahoo! Messenger app, the company should be Yahoo! and no other name.

What steps do you go through to keep your mobile device safe daily?

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