We want to change; how do we do it?

Good HVAC businesses have a new plan for attack each year, but great ones actually implement change. How do you make great change happen in your HVAC business?

Ditch the "Shoulda, coulda, woulda's"

Put past decisions and "what if's" aside and make a plan. The more time you spend pondering change, the less you are actually changing. 

Involve the right people

Elect employees that are responsive to change to head your projects. Change is moot if your driving force is inflexible.

Set milestones

Set your sights on reasonable achievements and make them known to all involved. Goals remind you of where you should be at any given time and if you lose your focus, can be the quick morale boost that you need.

  • Make a list and publish it around the office
  • Set email reminders
  • Schedule period meetings to review growth

Be transparent

Employees aren't able to contribute if an initiative is done behind closed doors. Keep morale high, positive, and most importantly, keep everyone in the loop. If a change is occurring but no information is supplied, employees may become insecure about their future in the company and react accordingly. No change is worth the security of your team.

How do you implement change?

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