What a softball team can do for your business

It's time to put down your clamp guns and leak detectors and pick up a softball! That's right; Start a sports team with your HVACLS employees.

Why an office sports team benefits your business

  • When a team is cohesive on the field, they're cohesive in the workplace.
  • It's a great morale booster and gives the office something to look forward to.
  • Managers get the opportunity to learn more about their staff and discover what motivates them. Try translating that passion and motivation into the work environment.

How to start an office sports team

  • Decide on a sport. This can be determined by taking a simple vote. Volleyball, softball, soccer or football-any activity is a fun diversion from the grind of work.
  • Decide on rewards. Want to up the ante in competition and motivation? Suggest the idea of a cash prize to your staff. Maybe the losing team has to treat the winners to a free meal. Get creative.
  • Decide on equipment. If you or your staff doesn't already own the needed athletic equipment, you may have to rent or borrow it.
  • Decide on a place. If you plan to use a local park or high school football field, you might want to call and check on availability.
  • Decide on a time. Conducting the games on Saturdays may prove too difficult with so many different schedules. Once or twice a month, try to wrap up all work-related duties and cut out an hour or two on a Friday afternoon for a fun way to kick off the weekend.

How do you boost morale in the workplace?

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