What does efficiency mean to technicians?

How efficient is a technician expected to be?

Being more efficient on your calls may be as simple as adding or removing a step in any day-to- day process. Streamline your company practices by considering what it takes for your technicians to get the job done right and on time.

Time Management

How many calls should your technicians handle in one day? Give your technicians ample time to complete each job - paying attention not to over- or under-book them or schedule calls too close together. A rushed job could mean an overlooked detail that may result in a bad customer service review.


Is your newest rookie ready to handle a difficult service call? Is it the best use of "Old Bob's" time to work on a basic installation? Dispatch your technicians using a few different considerations

  • Location: Are they already in the area?
  • Experience: Can this technician do this job well or would it be better to dispatch a more tenured employee?
  • Time on the clock: Has the recently dispatched technician been in since the wee hours? Keep technician schedules on hand when dispatching.


Don't let traffic or unforeseen detours affect your customer service - use a GPS! Arriving on time sets the tone on a call.

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