What does weather have to do with it?


Today, I'd like to talk about a simple, daily, proactive planning measure you can take to help your company function smoother during the busy summer months - check the weather.

Now, some of you might say, "Mike! I already check the weather every day; how does that affect my business?" Knowing the weather for the week helps you proactively plan and prepare your employees for some small adjustments throughout your business to improve both safety and revenue.

Here are some ways weather planning can help you prepare for your day:

  • Adjust time in between appointments: During rain or inclement weather, auto accidents become more common. Prolonging the period between appointments helps your techs get from point a to point b safely and decreases the chance of auto damage.
  • Supplies - Weather planning also helps you know how much inventory you will need. From extra cleaning supplies and shoe covers for rainy and inclement weather to extra water for those super hot days, inventory is crucial when it comes to the quality of customer care and the wellbeing of your employees.
  • Emergency service: The summer storm season means power outages, lightning strikes, and flooding which can affect your customer's HVAC needs around the clock. Prep your emergency and on-call staff for the storm season to maximize efficiency and revenue.

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