What’s Your Elevator Pitch?

Is your 30-second sales pitch ready for prime time? Use these pointers to make sure.

There's no doubt about it, we live in a fast-paced world. Customers expect an answer on social media faster than you can stream a movie on Netflix. You can find an answer on Google in seconds. In this fast-paced atmosphere, your elevator pitch is more important than ever.

With just 30 seconds to intrigue a customer and gain their trust, how will you make the sale? Here are five must-have qualities of a successful elevator pitch.

Customized. Tailored sales pitches are very important when it comes to generational selling. Your elevator pitch has to go one step further. Is your customer a parent? Pet owner? Technology enthusiast? Make the best of your sales opportunity by customizing your elevator pitch to the customer standing in front of you; not just listing the benefits of the special of the month or the hottest products.

Personable. This is not only the customer's first impression of you, but also of your company. Your elevator pitch should feel natural and not too rehearsed or too sales-y. The better connection you build here, the better chance you have to make the sale.

Efficient. Your elevator pitch has to pique your customer's interest. Name a problem the customer might have, identify a solution, then be finished. The longer the pitch, the more chances you have to lose your customer.

Motivational. The secret to a great elevator pitch is to motivate your customer to take action. Whether that action is to buy from you, buy from your company, or even to do more research; your job is to inspire action while making a memorable first impression.

Varied. You can't always sell the same product to every customer. If you tried, it wouldn’t be good for your closing rates. Have a few different elevator pitches practiced and polished to make any sale in any situation.

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