What Mike Moore loves about his job

In my years as Training Director for HVAC Learning Solutions, I've learned so much about what ails dealerships, solutions to the HVAC industry's ever-changing standards, and what makes your customers happy.

And I've got to say...I love what I do. Here's why:

1.I love sharing my knowledge with others. This blog is my avenue to share what I know, and it's helped so many HVAC businesses create a new way to get results.

2. I love inspiring my customers. We often get stuck in ruts we don't even know we're in, until someone brings to our attention - and that's my job, to shift your thinking.

3. I love being a trusted resource. With all the differing opinions online today, it's comforting to know when you can trust a resource for your most important asset - your business.

4. I love solving business' problems. When I see how much revenue a dealership is bringing in because of better training or when I see that "lightbulb," come on, it makes my job worthwhile.

5. I love my team. The team at HVAC Learning Solutions constantly strives to make training a better experience for everyone - check out our latest project, the New Learning Center.

What do you love about your job? Share with myself, Mike Moore, and we may post a blog about you!

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