What to do when you want to retire

You worked hard to get your business where it is today. You want its legacy to last, but you can't work forever. When it's time to retire, it's time to re-hire. Make sure you are putting your HVAC business off in the hands of someone who cares about it as much as you do.

Take the time to decide

Are you mentally, emotionally and financially prepared to retire? These are serious decisions. Take the time to make sure this is what you really want.  Don't broadcast to every client, employee, friend and family member that you're selling your HVAC business, only to realize later that you aren't ready after all. When the time comes, you'll know.

Take the time to look

How do you find someone who cares about your business as much as you do? Not everyone has family to rely on to assure that the legacy is carried on. Finding someone who will carry your current company name and values for years to follow will take more time, but could be more rewarding. This isn't something you can do half-heartedly.

Take the time to leave

How do you leave something you've worked so hard behind? The fact is, it's hard. You need to give yourself time to exit gracefully. Get done everything you need to, and do it right. Give one-on-one advice to each staff member. Leave a strong legacy.

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