What you didn't know cyber security

Technology will help your business get where it needs to be, but do you know how to protect that power? Your business technology may be vulnerable to hackers, so take advantage of available security features to protect customer data.

Watch out for these common threats to your data's security:

Card reader tampering

Hackers will try to get ahold of your card readers or cash registers to access customer information using simple hand-held tools. Periodically check that serial numbers and stickers are unchanged and train your staff to recognize signs of tampering.

Evil twin hotspots

Free Wi-Fi is great, but be warned: hackers create fake hotspots that look real, and once you connect they can access all the data on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. This about.com article suggests investing in a Virtual Private Network (VPN) starting at around $5.

Malware apps

This CNN article says Android apps are at the highest risk for malware attacks. To protect your device from a fake app, check the permissions before installing the app. If your card-reader app requests access to your text messages or social media, don't download it.


The easiest way to protect yourself from a hacker getting your data is to put a password on all your devices. Don't make your passwords easy to guess, but don't make them easy to forget, either. Use as many different passwords between devices as you can manage. A common password across devices is only as strong as its weakest link.

What ways do you protect your customer data?

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