The benefits of going viral

Have you seen this Harlem Shake thing?

It's hilarious! It's viral! And it could be a moneymaker for your business.

Yes, a 30 second video of ludacris dancing could be the key to marketing success thanks to its virality.

Viral marketing is today's word-of-mouth advertising, using social networks for a brand recognition explosion. There are plenty of Harlem Shake videos online and many of them have millions of hits, especially my favorite, the Peanuts version.

Here's why you should consider tapping the viral market:

It's cheap

Compared to other traditional marketing avenues, viral marketing can be as expensive as you want it to be, but it's notoriously cheap.

Viral marketing takes advantage of free social platforms like Youtube and Facebook to gain traction, so, unless you want to pay for additional eyes on your video, it can spread for free.

You don't even need a fancy camera, your smart phone will do.

It's easy

Get your employees into a room, work van, or any other space and make them dance.

It's that easy to film a viral video. Just make sure your brand is somewhere in the video.

There is also plenty of free or cheap video editing software available for use, but a lot of these videos can be done in a single take.

It's fun

Most of all viral videos, especially the Harlem Shake, are fun.

Your team members will work together to produce something, and the craziest idea is usually the best.

When people see your video, they'll recognize a company that plays just as hard as it works and will feel like they know your company and employees.

More importantly, when people need an HVAC service, your name will stand out. Who knows, you may even become a local HVAC legend.

Have you made a viral video? Share yours in the comments section.

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