What's your learning style?

Everyone has a different learning style, whether you like to get hands-on, listen, or watch. HVAC Learning Solutions has both online and instructor-led learning that will produce technicians ready to take on the toughest equipment installations and repair issues. Answer these three questions to find out your learning style:

  1. When I operate new equipment I generally:
    1. Read the instructions first.
    2. Listen to an explanation from someone who has used it before.
    3. Go ahead and have a go; I can figure it out as I use it.
  2. When I am learning a new skill, I am most comfortable:
    1. Watching what the teacher is doing.
    2. Talking through with the teacher exactly what I am supposed to do.
    3. Giving it a try myself and working it out as I go.
  3. If I am teaching someone something new, I usually:
    1. Write instructions down for them.
    2. Give them a verbal explanation.
    3. Demonstrate first and then let them have a go.

If you answered mostly a, then you're a visual learner. If you answered mostly b, you like to listen before you act. If you answered mostly c, you're a kinesthetic learner and you like to jump right into any task.

Whatever your learning style, be sure to check out the HVAC Learning Solutions Virtual BuildATech and the 4-week instructor-led program.

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