Where to start with HVAC training

HVAC training is an ever-present part of improving your business, but it can be tough to figure out just exactly where to start, and how to get the ball rolling on improving your employees. Here's 3 basic steps to get you started:

1. Ask your Territory Manager

Your TM is basically responsible for making sure that you are selling at your best at any given moment. Maintain open communication, and ask them for training recommendations. They can recommend the best routes and opportunities for training, personalized for your business needs.

2. Do a Dealer Needs Analysis

A Dealer Needs Analysis will compare your business to top performers within the HVAC business family. The results will allow you to see exactly where you can improve, and what areas of training deficiency you need to target.

3. Build and Maintain a Skilled Workforce

Send new employees to the right startup classes, such as BuildASalesperson and Virtiaul BuildATech, to make sure your new hires start with the skills they need. Circle back to your long-time employees as well, testing to make sure their skills are sharp and up to date, conducting additional training where necessary.

Utilize these quick and easy steps to simplify training assessment and execution, and you'll soon see the results where they really count: in the field, and on the bottom line.

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