Why are you in the HVAC industry?

There's no denying it - we love the HVAC industry. But what makes this job, market, and technology so fascinating and rewarding? We asked two industry professionals to give us their thoughts on why they love HVAC.

Meet Michael Goater, residential installer turned sales trainer for HVAC Learning Solutions. Goater explains that he lives by the motto "no one said it would be easy, but everyone says it's worth it," and projects that mantra onto his HVAC students daily.

"I love working with my hands," Goater says. "That sense of accomplishment, when you can go in and solve somebody's problem... and then look back and admire what you've just done and take pride in that."

Goater also says the fast-paced evolution of the industry is another thing that keeps him passionate about HVAC.

"Let's face it, not only has the technology changed - the customer has changed dramatically in the past years because of the Internet and their access to information," Goater says. "You're the expert. You have to stay in front of that. It's fun, challenging, and always pushes you to grow."

Jon Powell, Regional Sales Manager for Service Experts, says what drives him in the HVAC industry is coaching and mentoring fellow HVAC people to achieve putting the human element back into the day-to-day operations.

"Now more than ever people really want to engage with other people," Powell says. "What is taught in the tech schools is pure technology but people miss the human quality. Being an effective communicator in this business is equally important as being technically sound."

From the challenge of evolving technology to the importance of adding the human element back into the job, passions for the HVAC industry are limitless. Tell us what drives you in the industry on our Twitter at www.twitter.com/HVACLearning.


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