Why consumer reviews are vital to your business

At Lennox Industries Inc., we pride ourselves on the quality, functionality, and craftsmanship of the family of HVAC products we offer. That's why Lennox is the only organization in the industry to allow published reviews of the products we sell.

The Lennox philosophy 

It's our experience that the modern consumer trusts the reviews of other homeowners more than the message of a business. Because of that philosophy, we built a platform on Lennox.com to allow consumers to share the more than 12,000 reviews they've provided in the last 12 months voicing their opinions and experiences on using their Premier Dealer - both good and bad. The resulting word-of-mouth referral experience has been immeasurable.

But the rewards have definitely outweighed the risks. Lennox.com Dealer Reviews hold a 4.8 out of 5-star review, with more than 98% of consumers saying they would recommend their particular dealer to their friends and family members.

Additionally, on behalf of all Dave Lennox Premier Dealers across North America, we also actively solicit feedback from their consumers on the quality of service their Dealer provided. And if the Dealer chooses, we make their Dealer Reviews available online.

Consumer opinions count

Another aspect of our consumer review platform is being able to take action as a result of those reviews. Our product management team recently made some changes to the popular iComfort Wi-Fi thermostat platform based on suggestions and experiences posted in our review sections.

So what does the Lennox review experience mean to dealers? To quote baseball legend Babe Ruth, "Don't let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game." Adapt your company culture to the modern-day customer by adding reviews to your website today.

Jim Cadena is a Senior Merchandising Manager for Lennox Industries Inc. 


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