Why Excellent Customer
Service is a Must

Whether you’re a people person or just want to repair things and go home, providing excellent customer service is vital to every HVAC Pro’s success.

Customers are our lifeblood, and customer service is the heart of our business. Use top-notch customer service skills to set yourself and your company apart from the competition in a way that cannot be topped.

Why is excellent customer service a must? Here are three reasons you might not expect.

You are more than a technician or Comfort Advisor. When you go to someone's home, be sure to discuss products and recommend services, lay out a service agreement and answer all questions and concerns. Do all that, and it’ll be easier to get the homeowner’s signature on the bottom line. Remember, you aren't just representing the company; you are the company.

Customer service should define you. When there are several businesses with similar services in the same area, it’s very important to emphasize the things that set you apart from the competition. A strong focus on customer service is a positive way to define who you are and how you are different in the local market.

Quality customer service pays off over time. It costs more money to get a customer than to keep a customer. With every new customer you acquire, you have an opportunity to create a long-term relationship that will keep revenue coming into your business. Repeat clients and referrals are gold.

While there are "born salesmen," those skills still need constant development. And, for those to whom customer service and salesmanship don’t come naturally, a structured training program from experienced HVAC experts is the way to go. Comprehensive training will not only make you a better HVAC Pro, it will help you get and keep happy, long-term customers.

Want to improve your customer communication skills and secure long-term customers with maintenance agreements? Take our Service Sales Excellence – vILT™ course. You don’t even have to travel.

Service Sales Excellence – vILT™

For pointers on building rapport with customers, offering the right assistance at the right time, handling angry customers and customer service essentials, take our online training, Customer Service Level 1: The Value of Outstanding Customer Service & Building Rapport.

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