Why Load Calculation is Important

Load calculation determines the basis for your entire job at a customer's home. You wouldn't want a home contractor guessing the measurements of your foundation, so why should an HVAC technician guess the measurements of a home?

Here are a few reasons load calculation is so important:

1. For proper sizing of the unit.
Prevent future headaches and right-size the unit the firs time. This also allows the technicians to match the customer's specific needs to the requirements of a new system.

2. Deciding the number of units.
Some larger homes require two or more units. The only way to determine this is load calculation.

3. Determining other household HVAC needs.
During your calculation, you may find other problems and needs within the home.

Pay attention to needs for the entire home, instead of just what you were called to do. It will have dividends for your bottom line, and your customers will be covered - they may even sign off on a maintenance agreement while they're at it.

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