Why should your HVAC customer buy anyway?

HVAC customers buy because they were compelled to do so (and price isn't necessarily a factor - it's only a fraction of the buying decision). But the customer won't tell you why they're compelled - you have to do the leg work for them!

Here are a few HVAC sales tips that should help you close the sale with customers (and slip in price without skipping a beat):

1. The customer doesn't know they need a new HVAC system or maintenance agreement until you tell them why.

Make it clear to the customer why they need a new HVAC system. Present the problem. Give a solution. The urgency of the need is important, as well. If your customer doesn't feel like they need that HVAC system right now, you've killed the sale.

 2. Show up well-dressed, on time, and prepared.

It's common sense, right? Statistics from our Master Selling courses tell us that most dealers are doing otherwise. About 40% of dealers that were scheduled to pitch a new heating and cooling system (a major sale) showed up late or rescheduled the appointment. That goes along to show that only 19% show up in complete uniforms every time, and just 8% use professional selling tools while on a sales call. It goes without saying that it's the little things that count. Knock your presentations out of the park with details.

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