Why taking the middle road leads you to the top

Most people believe extroverts are the best salespeople. Some hold to the idea that introverts prove superior. While either argument could be made, I'm here to say they're both wrong. Whether extroverted or introverted, extremists are generally the lowest on the sales chain.

An extremist may make first-impressions uncomfortable. A boisterous salesperson may overwhelm a timid customer. A soft-spoken salesperson won't impress an aggressive customer. You won't make the sale if you can't connect with the customer.

So who's closing all the deals?

Those who are able to gauge the conversation and act accordingly are the most successful in sales. These "middle-of-the-road" people have flexible personas that can relate to different types of personalities. Once you're able to relate to the customer, you can not only better meet their needs, but also dramatically increase your sales.

How to be a "middle-of-the-road" salesman

  • Observe: Evoke a neutral persona until you can gauge the customer's body language and conversation style. Is your customer loud and very active, moving around the room? Or is he soft spoken and thoughtfully processing the information?
  • Imitate: Take cues from your customer's vibes to compliment their buying style. If he is formal and professional, don't use slang or bring up personal matters. If he is informal, try to incorporate humor in your dialogue.
  • Be true to you: It's not about changing who you are. It's about making your customers feel as welcome as possible. A few simple tweaks can make all the difference.

What tips do you have for following a "middle-of-the-road" approach?

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