Why the first impression is everything

Making a good first impression is vital to success in all that your HVAC business does.

It doesn't matter if you're applying for a job, selling a product, or meeting with potential employees - a bad first impression is hard to recover from. Here's my advice for getting it right the first time around:

Before anything, be on time

Arriving on time for your scheduled appointments is an important start. If you are going to be late, make sure you warn the person you are meeting with as early as possible - a GPS can help when you are driving to an unfamiliar place or want to track your time. If late, a bad first impression will be created before you even walk through the door.

Look sharp

Everything - from your hair to your shoes - sends a message about who you are and goes into the first impression you make with a customer. Before you meet with somebody, make sure your shirt is tucked in, shoes are clean, and your breath is fresh. Don't forget to make sure your truck is also in tip-top shape!

Employ some old-fashioned courtesy

This means listening to customers without interrupting, thoughtfully listening to their concerns, and giving them responses that answer their questions. Don't blow them off - through developing a professional relationship with clients, they are sure to be repeat customers. Also, make sure to use a language they understand - using HVAC jargon is confusing to the customer and everyone must understand what they're buying to make a clean business.

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