Why the GPS is a good idea

The GPS can help your technicians get to calls on time and even cut your travel costs down by accurately analyzing your staff's mileage. According to a study published in this article on TheSmartVan, the average contractor saved nearly $5,000 per year per driver when using a GPS system.

And in this economy, we can use every penny we save, right?

Here's why a GPS is a smart investment:

Another chance for reward
Incentivize the company's "top driver" and, at the same time, reduce costs and risks that come from wrecks due to speeding. It'll motivate employees and make that big, scary GPS not so intimidating (or thought of as a "big brother" tool).

Monitor employees effectively
Certain tracking software allows you to see how well your employees are driving and how efficient they are. Warning: take care not to micromanage for 5 miles over the speed limit here or there, or the occasional long lunch.

Happier customers
Being on time should be a technician standard, but wouldn't everyone be happier if no one was scrambling to get to his or her daily destinations?

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