Why your commercial customers need solar now

Stephen Ross is a guest blogger for HVAC Learning Solutions.

Push for commercial solar sales before the end of 2011 to save businesses from tax liability.

My company has been networking with CPAs recently. Many of them are giving small business owners advice to buy a vehicle before 2012 in order to avoid tax liability.

I have a better suggestion: invest in solar, such as Lennox® SunSource. It's a worthwhile investment, and I'll tell you why: you don't get nearly the return on a vehicle that you would get on a solar installment that will last you for years to come.

Not only are you avoiding the income tax, but you're getting usable tax credit back that can be put toward the new year - $21,000, to be exact.

Is solar a big upfront cost? Yes. But it's something you should encourage your commercial customers to invest in, because they'll be winners in the end. And so will you.

Guest blogger Stephen Ross is the sales manager of Comfort Services, Inc. in Columbia, South Carolina, as well as an instructor for the Master Selling course series by HVAC Learning Solutions.

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