Years of experience doesn't equal success

When you've been in the industry for years, or even decades, it can feel like you've encountered it all. But just as technological advances  mean we frequently have to re-learn the products we know so well, the same holds true for salesmanship and sales techniques.

Make your experience work for you, not against you.

Being a long-time expert and making the sale requires a kind of finesse. When you are discussing a system or the reasons for recommending a service, you want to be clear,  simple and knowledgeable, without talking down to your customers or sounding intimidating. Take a look at your numbers, and if they're lower than you'd like, re-consider your presentation. Maybe it's time to refresh your sales techniques.

Be humble and keep learning.

The greatest minds are those that are open to new information and advances in their areas of expertise. This means letting other experts teach you. Giving the benefit of the doubt to a sales expert who may have fewer years in the business under his belt can be hard, but understand they aren't trying to teach you what you already know, but rather a stronger skill set for selling the products you know inside and out.

Continuing your education in the advances of sales leadership is just as important as continuing your technological education in the product. If you take the experience you've accumulated over the years and combine it with strong communication skills and up-to-date sales techniques, you'll reap endless benefits.

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