You can't pick your family - or your co-workers

You can't pick your family, but you can pick your friends. In a lot of ways, your co-workers, employees, and business connections become your family. Like family, you won't always agree, and sometimes you might even want to fight with them. Don't let a temporary disagreement disrupt your professionalism. Here's how to deal.

Understand your own weaknesses

The first step is to understand your own weaknesses. Take a minute to consider whether your shortcomings are at fault in a disagreement. Take responsibility where it's due, and take the stand to be more aware in the future.

Understand their weaknesses

Empathy starts with understanding. Take your counterpart's weaknesses into consideration before backfiring in an argument. Have they tried every possible solution? Is there some way their weakness inhibits action steps to the solution? How can your strengths balance their weaknesses?

Taking a step back to evaluate personality types will start you on the path to finding the solution. Keep your cool. Ask an objective teammate to mediate. It's time to tackle a disagreement like the professional you are.

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