Your Logo: Does It Really Matter?

When it comes to heating and cooling logos I've seen them all: the red and blue arrows, the sun and snowflake, even the flames and snow-covered letters.

There are some things every good logo should accomplish.

Stand Out

A logo should stand out and grab potential customers' attentions. If you have a logo on the side of a business van you want drivers to see it, understand it, and remember it. For a logo to stand out it can use color or have a neat design that pops out compared to the surroundings.

When it comes to logos, different isn't a bad thing - you don't want to be just another heating and cooling service. You want your logo to be memorable as well. We're visual creatures and hold on to mental pictures. The words “John Smith Heating & Cooling” are not as memorable as a flame with Hercules's body holding up those same words. Customers will remember the image and call you when they need your services.

Keep it Simple

Simplicity is key when it comes to good logo design.

A simple logo is one that potential customers could understand in the few seconds when driving by a company van on the highway. Design blog Creative Bloq says there's nothing wrong with using your name for a logo if it stands out and gets your message across.

You want your logo to stand out in different mediums and simplicity offers the most versatility. Your logo has to look good in print ads, website animations, on business cards, and more. You may want a dancing sun on the side of your van, but do you want to have that illustration on your company stationery?

Convey your message

The most important aspect of a logo is that it conveys your company's message and brand. You want people to understand immediately that you're a HVAC business. That's what red, blue, and images like suns and snowflakes get across. If your company name is Ben Beetle Heating & Cooling resist the urge to feature a large bug on your logo, people may mistake you for an exterminator.

Share your logo and tell me how you came up with it in the comments section.

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