Your six-month scope:
Common HVAC problems through spring & summer

Now that you've started executing business plans and set goals for 2014, it's time to take a step back.

One of the best business strategies I know is to evaluate problems and performance from the past year and apply what worked to this year. What were the major problems you faced last winter/early spring? How did your business cope with a busy summer season? Were you prepared or barely thriving?

I'm not suggesting you answer these questions and apply these answers to your business—I'm demanding it. It's crucial to your HVAC company's success. The sooner you can tackle the problems from the past, the better you can plan for the future.

HVAC pitfalls to look out for during spring and summer

Spring: January to April, push the idea of "spring cleaning." Check the filter and evaporator coils. Suggest replacing when needed and offer expertise as to when they should be replaced next.

Summer: The hot months can be brutal if your business isn't ready. Schedule extra training time for employees who aren't as experienced with air conditioning units. Plan ahead by checking the forecast for the summer's hottest days and planning work shifts accordingly.

What are your seasonal challenges as an industry professional? Look forward to your opinions at @HVACLearning.

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