Your small business quarterly checklist

A small business quarterly checklist helps you stay on track and keep profits up throughout the year. First time you've paid attention to the quarterly to-do? Use this time to lay the groundwork for your most profitable year yet.

Review business goals. Are your goals still relevant to the marketplace and how your business is faring today? Revise and get ambitious; what would you really love to accomplish by this time next quarter?
Talk to a banker. Discuss your financial future - you don't have to figure it out all on your own.
Plan a retreat. Recharge and motivate by giving employees a stake in the overall company's well being. Hold a team-building day out of the office.
Review networking opportunities. What organizations are you partnered/involved with and do those organizations give plenty of networking opportunities? If not, look elsewhere for better opportunities.
Check on financial matters. Do you need flexibility in your bill paying? Is everything going according to your budget plan? If not, reassess.

How do you check up on your company vision?

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