Your technicians as part of the team

Just one turnover can cost your company up to $10,000. So invest time in your employees - and thus retain your technicians.

Technicians are your company's ambassadors. They go into your customers' homes and make sure that you're standing by your product. If they are doing their job right, they're most likely spending more time with customers than the team. So, how do you make them feel part of your team's culture?

Rewards and updates
Meetings have a bad rep for unproductivity; however a weekly 15-minute team update and incentive award to a technician who received great customer feedback can do wonders for productivity and foster a positive inclusive environment.

Community involvement
Strengthen internal relationships by getting employees involved in a community service project. Technicians will feel like they're part of something bigger than the company and bond with co-workers while helping others.

Collaborative training
Combined with e-learning courses, technicians who learn together, stay together. Put them in the same classroom and get twice the brainpower. They'll combine their thoughts, share training experiences, and feel closer to the team as a result.

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