You've got it. Here's how to keep it.

The North American Technician Excellence (NATE) exam tests and certifies HVAC technicians in both general and specialty areas. But you already knew that. You've already got your NATE certification. But, it doesn't last forever.

Here's what you need to do in order to remain certified:

Know when your certification expires

Once you've taken and passed the NATE test, the expiration date should be printed directly on the certificate. General certification usually lasts five years, while some of the more specific training, like the Ground Source Heat Pump Loop certification, lasts only three years. Be sure to check your certificate or wallet card for the exact expiration date.


Before your certification expires, you can either complete 60 continuing education units (CEU) and submit a recertification application, or take the recertification exam. Either way, HVAC Learning Solutions offers online and face-to-face classes that will keep your HVAC knowledge up to date and keep you certified. When using online courses, be sure to only document videos with the notice reading Note: This class qualifies for NATE continuing education credits.

You can also access the Virtual BuildATech course, which is great for working technicians with a busy schedules.  Along with the NATE certifications, techs will earn ICE and EPA certifications.

NATE certifications aren't required in order to practice as a technician, but the majority of homeowners feel more comfortable with a certified technician. NATE serves as a mark of excellence and lets customers know you're well trained and prepared to handle their installation and maintenance issues professionally.

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