Comfort Shield® Extended Service Agreement

A homeowner expects peace of mind when purchasing a heating and cooling system, so they often assume coverage for labor is included in the warranty. Since no dealer wants to upset a customer with unexpected repair charges, some may choose to absorb the cost of labor.

But you can provide better customer service by including an extended service agreement on every job.

Homeowners have up to five years* from the date of installation to purchase Comfort Shield®. Their extended service agreement coverage begins 91-days after installation.

*Can only be submitted on desktop

Benefits to the Homeowner:

  • The cost of the extended service agreement can be less than the cost for one repair**
  • It's transferable to the new homeowner if the homeowner sells their home
  • There are no deductibles or cancellation fees
  • It's 100% underwritten and fully insured

Benefits to the Dealer:

  • You'll deliver the peace of mind homeowners expect from you
  • You'll say goodbye to labor concessions with Comfort Shield® reimbursement
  • You'll help retain more customers after installation

Choose the length of coverage you'll offer

3-year warranty coverage


5-year warranty coverage


10-year warranty coverage


12-year warranty coverage


Help maintain profitable customer relationships with Comfort Shield®.

*Time to purchase varies by plan selected | ** Price varies by product and length of plan coverage. | *** 12 years available for Dave Lennox Signature Collection Only

Looking for CompleteCare+?

The CompleteCare+ program officially ended February 28, 2018. You can still access your old contracts and administer claims by clicking on the “Take Action” button at the top of this page


Limitations and exclusions apply. Subject to detailed terms and conditions. Extended service contracts are provided by Service Net Warranty, LCC, part of AIG. Please send an email to for full terms and conditions