Course Description

For every dollar invested in sales training, your company will see, on average, at least $300 in return. That’s more than a 3000% return on investment (ROI). In this two-day class, build on the skills you learned in Master $elling® and take your sales expertise to the next level.

Learn to identify the homeowner’s underlying needs, not only what they initially ask for. Gain the skills to develop lasting relationships with your customers and achieve $2 million or more in annual sales.* You will be surprised to learn about your personal objectives in this class.

Expand your sales toolbox and communicate effectively with a modern, internet-savvy customer base.

*Average results from past participants.

What you'll learn

  • Adopt a Growth Mindset: Think creatively and build strategic partnerships to complement your business.
  • Personal Accountability: This is your career. Take charge of it, and create success.
  • Master S.C.O.R.E.: Five-step sales process designed to help you make a difference in your customers’ lives.
  • Art of Selling: Learn how to be a problem solver, not a salesperson. Use advanced communication skills to identify homeowners’ underlying indoor comfort needs.
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Course Objectives

Advanced Master Selling is designed to build on the skills you learned in Master Selling, taking your sales expertise to the next level. Throughout the course, you will have the opportunity to engage with others in eight unique workshops, that include:

  • Applying what you learn through development of your own scripts and processes.
  • Group review and revision, providing you the opportunity to gain insight through feedback.
  • Rehearse and sharpen your presentation skills through role play and presentation activities.
  • Demonstration activities with the instructor and classroom review.
  • Journaling self-evaluation and take aways from workshops.
  • Self commitments with actionable items to guarantee your success.

Class Schedule

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