Service Releases

April 12, 2024

Service Release 24.4 – AHRI Matchup Credits and Rebates

Find Qualifying 25C Tax Credit Equipment with AHRI Matchup Tool Update

To help simplify your search for eligible 25C tax credit equipment, we have added a Credits and Rebates section to the AHRI Matchup Tool. You can now filter indoor and outdoor equipment by 25C tax credit eligibility. The results page will display a dedicated column for the 25C tax credit, highlighting potential savings for each piece of equipment.

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March 8, 2024

Service Release 24.3 – AHRI Matchup Updates

We’ve updated the AHRI Matchup Tool to ensure you find your perfect match every time.

The following changes were made:

  • A breakdown of BTU nomenclature was added, allowing you to easily align model numbers with BTUH ratings.
  • AFUE ratings for furnaces will now be defaulted to 90% as we prepare for the upcoming 25C tax credit qualification changes
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February 9, 2024

Service Release 24.2 – New LennoxPros Return Program

Online Returns Now Available

LennoxPros now offers you the flexibility to return products on your terms, whether in store or online*. In just a few clicks, you’re able to start a return and receive approval at your fingertips. To get started, visit My Orders in your LennoxPros account or watch the step-by-step tutorial for additional help.

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For questions or help with online returns, please reach out to our Customer Support Team: +1 (800) 953-6669
* Online returns do not apply to warranty claims. For warranty claims please contact our Customer Support Team.

January 12, 2024

Service Release 24.1 – Language Personalization and Updated Account Security Added

LennoxPros Now Available in French

  • French language has been added to LennoxPros so all users can browse the site in their preferred language. Follow these steps to change your language preference:
Step 1:The first time you log into your LennoxPros account once the French version is available, you'll receive a notification prompting you to set your location.

Step 2: In the left-hand corner next to the LennoxPros logo, click and select your preferred language on the drop-down menu.

Multifactor Authentication Added for Account Access

  • As part of LennoxPros’ ongoing commitment to protect account and personal information, multifactor authentication (MFA) has been added to the login experience. Once you log in for the first time, MFA will be activated based on your location and device. Meaning, that you will only be prompted to use MFA if you switch locations or device type. The MFA process requires all users to:
Step 1: Enter an email and password, as usual.

Step 2: Provide a second authentication method such as a one-time code via SMS or email.

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November 3, 2023

Service Release 23.7 – Real-Time Store Hours and AHRI Matchup Parts Added

Accurate, Real-Time Store Hours

  • Store hours will now be updated automatically and in real-time to reflect closures due to inclement weather, holidays, delayed openings, and more. Check the Store Locator before you head into your local Lennox store for updated hours.
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AI-Generated AHRI Matchup Parts

  • We've updated the AHRI Matchup Tool to help you not only find the perfect AC, heat pump, and mini-split matches but to also suggest the best parts to pair with them. After finding matches, navigate to the AHRI detail page where you can easily access all related parts using the dropdown menu. From there, you can filter parts by category or select all parts to add to your cart.
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September 15, 2023

Service Release 23.6 –AHRI Matchup Update

AHRI Matchup: Air Handler & Mini-Split Configurations Added

  • Air handler and mini-split multi-zone configurations are now available when searching for ducted and mix-ducted and non-ducted mini-splits
    • AHRI matches within the Proposal Builder will also include air handler and mini-split configurations
  • SEER2, EER2, and HSPF2 are now selected by default on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices
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August 4, 2023

Service Release 23.5 – Product Recommendation Update

NEW: Related Products Carousel

Discover compatible equipment parts with the new Related Products Carousel. Now powered by AI, this carousel displays product suggestions with the option to filter by category on the product display page and in the cart pop-up message.

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May 12, 2023

Service Release 23.4 – Digital Tool Features and Updates

New to My Lists: Smart Lists & Filter Functionality

  • Two new AI-powered lists have been added to the My Lists tool based on your most frequently purchased parts and equipment.
  • You can now filter by product category on both AI-powered lists and user-generated lists.

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AHRI Matchup & Proposal Builder Email Capability

  • The ability to email reports from both the AHRI Matchup and Proposal Builder Tool has been added. Send AHRI matches directly to your email and send custom proposals to you or homeowners when signed into your LennoxPros account.

  • Find AHRI Matches Build Custom Proposals

March 24, 2023

Service Release 23.2 – New Time Saving Features


  • An in stock filter feature has been added to allow users to quickly search their local Lennox store for product availability. Users can search for products with a filtered view of in stock items only, order online, and pick-up in store all on the same day.
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Login Updates

  • To improve user experience from the start we’ve added the following updates to the login process:
    • Both the LennoxPros app and website will now display account names in the top right-hand corner when signed in.
    • When using the LennoxPros app, users will no longer be prompted to sign into their accounts while viewing their cart.
    • Skip the sign-in process each visit with the Remember Me feature check box. The check box is presented below the user credentials when logging in.

November 14, 2022

Service Release 22.7 – 2023 Efficiency Standards Tool and Product Updates


  • The AHRI Matchup, Cross Reference, and Proposal Builder tools have been updated to include new ratings to be compliant with the 2023 HVAC regulatory changes. The following updates were made:
  • AHRI Matchup Tool

    • New toggles have been added for SEER2, EER2, and HSPF2 when searching by systems
    • In the results page, columns for SEER2, EER2, and HSPF2 have been added
    • All perfect matches saved in 2021 or prior will no longer be available
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    Cross Reference Tool

    • A new specification of EER2 has been added to the compressor category
    • When searching by manufacturing part number, EER2 has been added to the results page
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    Proposal Builder Tool

    • When creating a proposal for an existing lead users will now see the SEER2 rating on both the investment and sales pages
    • Create A Proposal


  • Beginning January 1, 2023, the following products will no longer be available in the South/Southwest regions. Substitutions will be displayed for those more than 60 miles away from the north region once the shipping address is inputted.
    • ML14XC1
    • EL16XC1
    • XC21
    • 16ACX


  • Users will need to be logged into their account to view the availability and the status of products, such as back ordered and in-stock items.

September 19, 2022

Service Release 22.6 – LennoxPros Tool and Feature Updates


  • All credit applications will now be hosted on to be filled out via DocuSign and sent directly over for processing.


  • The Service Dashboard has a new streamlined look for both the connection status and connection rate insights when viewing on a desktop. Additionally, the thermostat connection now allows users to have a more in-depth look at a customer’s HVAC system.
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  • The file type for the Quick Order Bulk Upload has been changed from a tab-delimited file to a .csv file. A .csv sample file will now be available to download.
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  • SNAP is no longer available as a financing option for Canadian dealers. This update will remove SNAP from the Proposal Builder tool and default all financing to no monthly payments.
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August 12, 2022

Service Release 22.5 – LennoxPros Updates


  • We’ve updated the My List tool once again! This time we’ve added a Bulk Upload feature that allows you to upload multiple items to your lists at once.
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  • Lennox has paired the AHRI Matchup tool with an AI algorithm. This algorithm will suggest products that are customized just for you on AC/HP/Furnace and Air Handler PDP pages.
  • How It Works


  • New 3rd party carriers have been added to Lennox Delivery. Once opted in you will receive real-time updates on shipment tracking from most carriers.
  • How to Turn on Notifications

June 20TH, 2022

Service Release 22.4 - Order Workflow Improvements

New Workflow – Set User Daily Purchase Limits

  • This new order workflow feature gives a team’s admin the ability to set a daily purchase limit for individual users. This gives a team the ability to keep control of spend on and increase productivity.
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My List Feature Management Improved

  • Our popular My List feature is even better! We’ve greatly expanded the access to lists. Now, everyone on the account can create, edit, or update lists. This allows store agents and TMs to better assist dealers using lists. Collaboration using lists is even easier for dealer teams.
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Reach Local Lennox Stores with a Click

  • We’ve enhanced all store location information appearing across the site with clickable phone links so you can just click and call from any device.

MAY 16TH, 2022

Service Release 22.3 - New Features in LennoxPros

Our latest updates to include several upgrades to your experience on LennoxPros.

Upgraded Functionality

  • Proposal Builder:
    • We’ve added new search functionality for Custom Products to allow you to search by product description, type, and price. Now you can pull up results such as all thermostats, a list of all products that are $500, or find a product by its name.
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    • The Proposal Builder will now display all the accessories available in a proposal for both print and email allowing better visibility for homeowners.
  • Repair Part Finder:
    • Product messaging will now be displayed on the Model Results and All Parts with revision pages for products with special messaging such as Quantum Coil replacement options.
    • Now you can search and find products with substitutions that don’t exist in LennoxPros.

Visible Changes

  • Customers in the US will no longer see a 9-digit zip code location. The 5-digit version will be shown instead. This is a visual change which will not impact shipping or availability.
  • This release upgrades mobile usability as well. A bug fix now allows mobile users on android to download PDFs. Our designers have also worked to improve the PDP page loading experience for mobile users.
  • Availability information can now only be viewed by logged in users

MARCH 25TH, 2022

Service Release 22.2

Service Release 22.2 features updates to Repair Part Finderand the Load Calculator to improve useability.

Repair Part Finder

  • Urgent and Critical notes are now highlighted on the Model Results Page
  • Minor UI Improvements were made to improve readability

Load Calculator

  • Manual J reports can now be downloaded and saved as a PDF file


Service Release 22.1

Service release 22.1 features updates to the LennoxPros mobile app, Service Dashboard, and other minor fixes and enhancements to improve your experience on


  • Sticky navigation to improve customer experience and app navigation.
  • Sales and Service landing pages allow you to customize tool settings to access the tools you use most efficiently.
  • Equipment Lookup within the Service landing page allows you to scan or manually search for registered communicating equipment details in the Service Dashboard to be made onsite and prep for future calls easier.


  • Customer equipment details will include Labor Warranty status
  • Remote In screens not being readable has been fixed


Service Release 21.8

Service release 21.8 features updates to our bundles, Repair Part Finder, as well as other enhancements to better your experience on


We made the following enhancements to this tool to better serve you.

  • Removed duplicate revision numbers from All Parts with Revisions page
  • Removed duplicate revision numbers from Several Different Models page


Lennox Store teams will notice the following bundle enhancements.

  • Users can stay on the same page/tab upon activating, deactivating, or deleting any bundle
  • Bundle Listing page now features a selection box to choose and delete more than one bundle at a time
  • Users can select more than the minimum required accessories in the Selection Variable bundle
  • Filter bundles by Mkt Desc (market description)
  • "Bundle Title" column now available in the Fixed and Selection bundle templates

OCTOBER 31, 2021

Service Release 21.7

Service release 21.7 features updates to our security settings, improvements to make it easier to manage your account and profile information, as well as requested enhancements to our Repair Part Finder tool.

User Management Updates:

New and improved login screen with two options; customer path and separate Lennox employee path to log in.

What does this mean for me?

For Customers:

No action or change is needed. You will continue using your current email and password to log in as usual.

For Lennox Employees Only:

Login as a Lennox employee will now align as single sign on with internal employee’s global authentication.

Other User Management updates:

My Account page has been updated for better account management with your security in mind.

  • Improved security settings for updating email and password
  • Manage contact and profile information with improved account preferences.
  • My Account menu now available in the mobile app!

Repair Part Finder:

We have made the following enhancements to this tool to better serve you.

  • You can now expand all and collapse all for Repair Part Finder pages
  • Quantity is now displayed in Model Results Page
  • Catalog # is now included in the printout for reference
  • Key numbers are included in the All Parts page
  • Improved readability of All Parts with revision page

Effective 10/31/2021, the previous tool, named OEM Repair Parts will no longer be available as we fully convert to Repair Part Finder.

eCommerce Cart Pages:

From the cart page, user will have the ability to search stores up to 200 miles for stores.

SEPTEMBER 27, 2021

Service Release 21.6

Service release 21.6 features our updated Product Detail Page and our newly consolidated Product Catalog Page to make our LennoxPros users purchasing experience faster, easier to access, and much more intuitive. With a new look, new features, AI driven results and all of our products in one place, HVAC pros will be able to get the products needed to get the job done, and order with confidence.

Product Catalog/Product Detail

  • Users will no longer see Residential, Commercial and Parts and supplies in the navigation menu, they been combined and replaced with “Product Catalog”
  • See all products will now link directly to our new Catalog landing page
  • Product Detail page has been created to provide easier access to documents, provide simple ordering information, and a more detailed view for all users
  • AI driven carousels that feature top Repair Parts, Accessories, and Customers Also bought are now available to all users on PDP pages
  • New Product Lists feature lets users create personalized list of products on your mobile, desktop, or tablet devices
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Site Updates

  • Total Cost of Ownership tool has been removed
  • Aspen Coils now available for selection in both AHRI Matchup and Proposal Builder tools

JUNE 11, 2021

Service Release 21.4

We’re excited about our new service release. The focus is on helping to improve the Pros Ordering Process. Users will see new messages that are more succinct to help define the status of items that are not in stock and items that are backordered.

Ordering Enhancements

  • The message Available to Order will now appear as Backordered. Users will see Backordered when an item is not in stock.

Our goal is to improve how users place orders, especially as we move into peak season.

MAY 24, 2021

Service Release 21.3

As our Repair Parts Finder continues being the tool HVAC pros turn to for finding parts fast and efficiently, we’re excited to tell you about our latest enhancements.

This new release features updates to the tool as well as general enhancements to the ecommerce experience for our customers.

Site Updates

  • Repair Parts Finder will now display replacement history of parts.
  • Repair Parts Finder will support information for boilers, mini-splits, and other Lennox products.
  • Additional notes for legacy Lennox products are now available.
  • An issue with duplicate revision numbers showing has been resolved.

APRIL 19, 2021

Service Release 21.2

Service Release 21.2 features minor site updates to improve the overall user experience on LennoxPros

Site Updates

  • "You saved $X.00" text to be displayed to show cart discounts


  • Store Agents will now have the Ability to select Promo Free Item as a line item discount.
  • Quick Link to Recent Orders is now visible in order transformation

February 12, 2021

Service Release 21.1

LennoxPros kicks-off the year with two new exciting tools, Repair Parts Finder and Manual J Load Calculator. Known to Pros users as OEM Repair Parts, the improved enhancements will greatly benefit and help users at the job site or the office find parts faster, more efficiently and provide additional resources to help them troubleshoot.

Manual J Load Calculator has teamed up and integrated Cool Calc’s powerful software to bring Pros users a Mobile-First design. This powerful integration lets users experience the load calculator tool on your mobile. With an improved user-interface, the load calculator will be a vital tool for users to carry in their toolkit.

Repair Parts Finder

  • Four ways to search for parts (serial, part, model) now includes Catalog Number.
  • A Parts List Screen: This allows you to see all associated parts and descriptions related to the equipment you’re working on. Users also have access to an exploded view drawing so you can see the order of assembly of the various parts.
  • A Quick Link to the Document Library for any additional instructions about the wiring diagrams or troubleshooting information.
  • Easy Access to the Product Detail page. Users get accurate pricing and availability along with warranty information that lets you know whether the part is eligible for warranty. You can also check to see what other units use the part.

With many more features and enhancements, Repair Parts Finder will be an invaluable tool for HVAC Pros.

Start Finding Your Parts

Manual J Load Calculator

  • Free unlimited ACCA approved professional MJ8 reports. Enhancements to reports include:
    • Detailed worksheet calculations and visuals.
    • Save or share reports to any email address.
    • Load calculations performed at the customer’s home can be easily accessed back at the office.
  • Customizations can be made for users to determine design conditions. Users can use map tracing and construction details to help modify home features.
  • Able to perform room-by-room or block calculations.
  • Ability to create load calculations for multi-systems homes.
  • Proposal Builder integration so you can use it as part of your sales process to size, propose, and close.
  • API based application allows for future enhancements and updates.

Using Cool Calc’s innovative software, LennoxPros Manual J load calculator provides users with the ideal size system or equipment, customers save money and stay comfortable year-round.

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Service Dashboard

  • Integration with the new Repair Parts Finder.
  • Alerts and reminders generated by the devices are reflected to Service Dashboard.
  • Went from being updated on an hourly interval to updates instantly syncing.

LennoxPros Security Update

  • Starting Feb. 13th LennoxPros account holders will receive a pop-window when they sign into their account. Users must respond to the request to either validate if their contact information (phone/email) is current or provide new contact information.

November 6, 2020

Service Release 20.6

As Service Dashboard continues to gain more satisfaction with our users, we’re working to provide enhancements and improvements to make the tool an invaluable resource for delivering excellent customer service and reduce truck rolls within your business.

Our new release features bug fixes to the Service Dashboard tool and general enhancements to the eCommerce experience for customers.

Site Updates

  • The homepage slider has approved functionality for all users
  • The radius for Lennox Stores selection has been increased within 200 miles so users can search for more stores.
  • Backorder item communication has been improved.

August 28, 2020

Service Release 20.5

Service Dashboard continuously evolves providing our dealers, service managers and techs with rapid, quick, easy-to-use features, and time-saving efficiencies to help you deliver superior service.

We’ve added several new refinements that’ll help you get your work done faster:

  • New search options have been added giving you the ability to search for homeowner name, address, and email and equipment type. Alert number has been renamed to error code in the search dropdown bar.
  • Information icons have been added to the alerts and maintenance reminders card giving you a quick identifiable, visual reference.
  • Customer Details on Alert History view has been enhanced to show 5 per screen and added scrolls to see older alerts.
  • Remote-in Settings have been improved to reduce the time to make a change to setting from minutes/hours to seconds.
  • Installation Reports are now viewable and now can be downloaded on mobile devices.
  • Repair Parts look up has been improved by trimming leading zeros for serial numbers of equipment allowing for better integration.

If you’re new to the Service Dashboard, have a look at integrating it into your workflow. You’ll be amazed how easy it is to use — either on your mobile device or desktop.

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  • Users can now access a list of invoices to choose from when requesting credits.
  • Selected invoice numbers will now show on the right-hand side in the summary section.

Bug Fixes

  • Internal users can now search by DBA in LennoxPros.
  • Internal users’ carts will auto save if session expires.
  • Contact info has been updated for ZCOR orders.
  • Line items added from SAP will now show for print/email action from order history.
  • Order confirmation print and email will now display company name and customer number.
  • Availability improvements on product detail and listing pages.

May 15, 2020

Service Release 20.4

LennoxPros users will notice some new improvements and changes to our site. The header and homepage have been redesigned to be more intuitive, dynamic, and help you get the job done faster.

With a fresh look and feel, the new design will help you hit the ground running and manage your business like a pro.

New bundle admin capabilities have been added to District Managers will now have the ability to input bundles into LennoxPros . All Coronavirus info is available in the News section of LennoxPros.

Site Updates

Some of the new improvements include:

  • No more remembering which menu is which. Now you have a consistent menu experience across all devices.
  • Get to where you need quickly with a new easy-access menu of our top tools.
  • Streamlined website header puts the improved search bar at your fingertips and eliminates extra noise to help you be more productive.
  • The name of the Saved Cart, PO Number is now available in the Saved Cart, print and email for all users.
  • User Search in Proposal Builder has been modified and all users are now able to search by product description in addition to model and catalog number.

Improved site search

The site product search has been rebuilt from the ground up to provide a search experience that will lead the industry.

Some of the new search improvements are:

  • Redesigned predictive search that’s easier to read and now includes categories as well as product results.
  • Easier to read search results and page navigation helps you find your product faster with an updated look & feel.
  • Improved filter functionality makes finding your exact product simpler than ever.
  • Search functions have been improved and will now have a “Sort by Most Popular” product, this sort is based off your regional sales.

The Leads and Customer Management Dashboard has been renamed to Sales Dashboard. The new name aligns more directly to the roles of sales and comfort advisor teams, while fitting in better with our new look and feel.

Take off with the new, Why LennoxPros and get what you need faster — more efficiently.

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Introducing Service Dashboard

iComfort Dashboard has been renamed to Service Dashboard. The newly redesigned Service Dashboard can help you solve your customers’ system issues before they become problems.

Here are just a few of the time-saving benefits Service Dashboard offers you:

  • Now you can receive alerts via email when system errors occur so you can focus on your business.
  • Provide contactless service via ‘Remote In’ to access the Dealer Control Center to run remote tests, diagnostics, and fix some issues without even going into the homeowner’s residence.
  • Decrease truck rolls and repeat visits by knowing beforehand the problem, tools, parts, and labor you’ll need to restore service.

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LennoxPros Internal Updates

  • Internal: Store Agents will now be able to access Bundles in LennoxPros.
  • Internal users will be able to see Zip Code under the address section when using ordering on behalf feature.

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Shipment Visibility

  • Shipment Visibility improved for all users.
  • Order Status tracking to be 100% enabled across all transportation modes (Fleet, LTL, Parcel (UPS)).
  • Email/SMS notification for Shipped status for non-EDI LTL and non-POD Fleet shipments (opt-in required).


  • Resolved an issue where the lead table header was showing incorrect information after sorting for some users.
  • Resolved an issue where the one-line item was modified, all line-items reflected that change in shipping for some Canadian users.
  • Resolved an issue when added custom product descriptions would not be shown on Proposal Builder printouts.

April 17, 2020

Service Release 20.3

Service Release 20.3 features the update to Warranty Claim procedures and all accounted customers can access Lennox Learning Training.

New bundle admin capabilities have been added to District Managers will now have the ability to input bundles into LennoxPros . All Coronavirus info is available in the News section of LennoxPros.

Site Updates

  • All customers now have 601 permission and can access Lennox learning training.
  • The LennoxPros residential community portal has been phased out and will no longer be active.

LennoxPros Internal Updates

  • District Managers will now have the ability to input Merit Bundles into LennoxPros
  • The New Service Dashboard (formerly known as the icomfort Dashboard) is now available internally

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  • Warranty claim procedures regarding Coronavirus COVID-19 will now be displayed in the News section of LennoxPros.

March 20, 2020

Service Release 20.2

Proposal Builder users can now check the availability for all listed items. Users of Leads Dashboard can enter the website domain or the company URL link in order to generate the Dealer Lead Form.

Proposal Builder

  • Proposal Builder now checks availability based on quantity of all items listed.

Start Proposing

Dealer Lead Form

  • Dealers can enter the website domain and or the company URL link in order to generate Dealer Lead Form.

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  • Special characters now show when proposal options are printed.

LennoxPros Internal Updates

Order on Behalf of Feature

  • Phone number and email will now populate in the cart.
  • Stores plant codes now available for internal users.

January 24, 2020

Service Release 20.1

Users of the Leads Dashboard can now click embedded link to call phone numbers on mobile devices. Enhanced features allow Proposal Builder to display an alert if the proposal amount exceeds financing range available for SNAP (Canada) and Service Finance (US). Users can also upload pricing in bulk in pricing planner of Proposal Builder settings. For AHRI users, MHA, and MWHA families are now available on AHRI.

Proposal Builder

  • Dealer can upload pricing overrides in bulk in product description and pricing overrides.
  • For any system where the amount is not within the finance range, system will display an alert message.
  • Canada only: All SNAP plans for Canada and Quebec are displayed in the proposal settings under consumer financing.

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Leads Dashboard

  • Users can now click to call phone numbers from emails on their mobile device.
  • Bulk upload a maximum of 100 leads at a time.

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  • New Mini-Split families MHA Single Zone and MWHA wall-mounted units are now available on AHRI.

Start matching


  • The user experience for password reset has been improved for all users.
  • Applicable PDP pages will now have a new legal tab available on LennoxPros.
  • Dealer website program has been phased out and the applicable permissions have been removed (705).
  • Email templates have been updated.


  • AHRI details can be emailed to multiple people at once.
  • When saving equipment changes in the Pricing Planner, users were getting a 500 error. This has been fixed.

LennoxPros Internal Updates

  • P.O. Box Capture for Cash Accounts:
  • For all new LennoxPros registrations, the cash customer registration process now captures P.O. Box field and sends it to SAP.
  • Order on Behalf of Improvements ( For store agents, CSRs, ISRs ) :
  • Improved messaging when “Complete Delivery” option is checked.
  • Ability to select different plants via “Out of Matrix” with Fleet option.
  • Notify users of “slow moving products” and enable only shipping option for these products.
  • Display default as pick-up for Store Agents while adding to cart from OEM Repair Parts, AHRI, Cross Reference tools.
  • For store agents, enable users to enter after hours $100 fee.
  • Enable 16 Warranty Payment Terms.
  • Cardinal Courier Option Available for Canada (Canadian Customers):
  • Ontario users can now select “Lennox Delivery Courier.”

November 8, 2019

Service Release 19.6

Users of the Leads Dashboard can go into their settings to turn ‘On’ or ‘Off’ their lead sources. AHRI Matchup lets you select space-saving horizontal coil configurations, available with or without TXVs. Users of Proposal Builder can use the ‘Gross Margin’ feature to know how each field will be calculated into their margin cost.

Proposal Builder

  • The Gross Margin feature is easier to use, more calculated, lets dealers know how each field will be calculated into their margin cost.
  • Pricing Planner now has new enhancements. The look and feel are clearly defined with new information icons added. This allows the dealer to see how each category is calculated.
  • The ‘Thermostat Category’ search in step 4 of Proposal Builder has been expanded.
  • A new way to add multiple systems when building out proposals within a single proposal helps dealers save time.
  • Print view of a proposal displays the customer’s name in the URL as well as “Powered by Lennox” in the footer.

Propose now

Leads Dashboard

  • Users can now customize their lead sources by going into their settings to toggle “On” and “Off” lead sources.
  • Mobile number link enabled to allow dealer to click the hyperlink and call the customer from the Leads Dashboard, Leads Table, Lead Details, and customer detail drop-down.

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  • NEW Select space-saving coil configurations, available with or without TXVs.

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Cross Reference

  • More products added to the humidification category within Cross Reference.

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Credit Cards

  • Ability to ‘Add’ new credit cards and manage existing credit cards.


  • Dealers were receiving daily emails from Dealer Locator after changing lead status. This has been resolved.
  • Default store location selected did not show once you got into the AHRI tool. It would clear it out. This has now been resolved.

LennoxPros Internal Updates

  • Stores/Order Transformation:
  • Pre-populate phone number in Order Transformation dropdown. When Store agents, CSR, ISR, Super admins, TMs or helpdesk employees hover over the ‘I’ icon along with the current details, they should also see the customer’s phone number from the Master account.
    • Retaining Order Transformation cart info. As a Store agent, CSR, ISR in an Order Transformation cart, when you enter the contact name, email, and phone number fields, it should be saved against that cart (without doing any action to the cart) so that even if you navigate to a different page and come back to the cart it will be available.
    • Store agent, CSR, ISR Out of Matrix shipping: As a Canada, U.S. Store agent, CSR, ISR, you should be able to see cross-country plant locations in the Out of Matrix popup for shipping. You can check the availability of the product in U.S. and Canada locations.
    • Canada and U.S. Store agents CSR, ISR now have a clickable link to view Out of Matrix shipping on the Active cart. Shows plant name, distance, ATP Past Due Quantity and Address.
    • Store agent, CSR, ISR cart page: Internal notes with an ability to view/add/edit by Order Transformation user. As a store agent, CSR, ISR in an Order Transformation cart page, when you Save the Cart, you should see an input box for Notes under Cart Name, so you can put all your internal notes in the box before you Save the Active Cart.
  • Sales Tools (Helpdesk, Customer Service and TMS)
  • Better spoofing on Proposal Builder.

September 6, 2019

Service Release 19.4/19.5

AHRI Matchup now offers Commercial Small Split matches. Using the AHRI Matchup, match the correct BTU needed to heat a home. Measuring superheat and subcooling has never been easier using the new, handy calculator. Cross Reference lets you select the right size register or grille in Parts & Supplies to finish the job.

AHRI Matchup

  • Enhanced to match all your Commercial Small Split entries. Get perfectly matched Commercial Small Split results instantly.
  • Can search single or three phase matches.
  • Choose from three voltage selections.
  • Match the BTU using the AHRI tool.

Use AHRI Matchup

Superheat & Subcooling Calculator

  • Quickly calculate Superheat and Subcooling measurements for R22 and R410A refrigerants.
  • Check refrigerants and liquid line temperatures fast. Once you obtain your values, simply enter them, the calculator takes care of the rest.

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Proposal Builder

  • Now you can save time and improve operational efficiencies by easily adding custom products and services via bulk upload.
  • Proposal Builder lets you display multiple quantities for accessories.
  • The Proposal Builder now includes 0% APR in financing.

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Cross Reference

  • New categories, registers and grilles added in Parts & Supplies section.

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  • AHRI Details Page now reflects CDQ pricing.
  • The DavesStorelink is now available on LennoxPros mobile app under marketing tools.
    • LennoxPros
    • Ability to email order history with or without price.
    • Active cart cleared after saving.
    • Breakdown of estimated shipping charges in the cart and order summary.
    • OEM Repair Parts
    • Images for parts (images will now be next to the part name).
    • New Support Ticket Page
    • All users can create an INC Ticket on the LennoxPros Help page.


  • Dealers will now see products sorted by active/inactive within the Proposal Builder.
  • In the Proposal Builder, the system selector will not override the set thermostats when a customer builds a template via AHRI.
  • Admins can search a lead’s address within the leads table.
  • Dealers will now receive an email/SMS notification when they have opted into the leads program.

LennoxPros Internal Updates

  • When ordering on behalf of a dealer, store agents will now see the default store location as the ‘Ship to Party’ in the header regardless of delivery mode. CSRs will see the ‘Ship to Location’ as the ‘Ship to Party’ in the header unless they select a default store.
  • Advanced search with phone number.
  • Freight discount at item level.
  • Update shipping/pickup for all line items.
  • Approval notes for all items greater than 10% of order.
  • (Canada only) can see debit card payment option.
  • Active cart cleared after saving.
  • Increased PO number field.
  • Tech Support
  • Allow Startek employees access to LennoxPros using Startek email addresses (INTERNAL, Tech support only).

May 17, 2019

Service Release 19.3

Better design, new mobile features, and intuitive icons allow users quick access to their favorite toolson their mobile device. This update also includes Add Service feature in Proposal Builder, and newcredit card checkout features.


  • Click Add Service to insert additional line items when creating proposals.
  • Price and additional line items appear in total section.

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  • New intuitive icons of the top digital tools.
  • Documents can now be downloaded, emailed, and printed.

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  • Clearly see if there is an error in the payment when entering a new credit card.


  • ‘Moderate’ alerts showing as ‘Critical’ within the iComfort Dashboard has been resolved.
  • If a user deletes a line item from the AHRI details page, the email received will nowshow details reflected on the update.
  • When the user chooses a specific outdoor unit and specific coil, there is an updated TXVreplacement logic in the AHRI Residential Matchup tool.

April 05, 2019

Service Release 19.2

Service Release 19.2 offers new in stock availability improvements to the Pros ordering process. ProposalBuilder users can now add packaged units and boilers within the tool when building a proposal.Additional features also include customized templates.

Ordering Enhancements

  • Select a default Lennox Store and see detailed availability.
  • See detailed product availability for nearby stores.
  • Easily add related accessories when adding a product to your cart.


Proposal Builder

  • Users can create proposals to include boilers to indoor unit, and Lennox Residential PackageUnits (LRPs) to outdoor units.
  • Internal users can add and customize templates to customer account through spoofing.


Load Calculator

  • MJ8 reports generated in the Load Calculator tool can be downloaded, printed, and emailedvia the customer’s mobile app, desktop, and mobile devices.


Credit card security updates

  • After April 5, 2019, all credit card transactions will require a valid card verificationvalue (CVV) number to complete any transaction.
  • Please be mindful that we’re not able to save your CVV number on our system. You’ll need toenter it each time you make a purchase.
  • Please ensure you have the necessary information to avoid any ordering delays.

Additional Enhancements

  • All LennoxPros mobile app users can now scan commercial equipment to find OEM RepairParts and Warranty Info.
  • Quick Order type ahead will display a new type-ahead feature with product catalognumber, model, and keyword.

February 17, 2019

Service Release 19.1

Service Release 19.1 offers new enhancements within the digital Sales Tools suite. The Error Code Lookuptool has addednew error codes. The Cross Reference tool provides two new features to help users check out and populateinformationquicker within the tool.


  • Proposal Builder
  • AHRI Residential Matchup
  • Lead and Customer Management Dashboard



  • Twenty-two new error codes added to the error code database.



  • The Add to Cart feature automatically sends users’ selection to the cart area for checkout.
  • The Autofill feature types ahead within the dialogue box creating less typing for user.


New mobile app updates… and a new icon! In addition to the tons of enhancementswe’ve made over the weekend, we’re updating our app icon too. While the system updates, some usersmay temporarily see a default, red Lennox icon. This icon will be replaced with the new LennoxProsicon as soon as the system update completes. We’ll notify you when the new icon has arrived.

Additional Enhancements

  • 16 warranty pages now available on mobile
  • New Parts Price Book available
  • Add custom reminders/notifications on Lead Details page
  • Quick order updates: Now with the ability to see the barcode scanner when they launchthe quick order. Once scanned the product will be added.

November 2, 2018

Service Release 18.7

Service Release 18.7 delivers big dividends to service techs with the Error Code Lookup tool. The releasealsofeatures branding enhancements.

Error Code Lookup

  • Over 150 errors codes available for techs to diagnose a problem.


One Lennox

  • Logo Updates
  • Lennox PartsPlus is now Lennox Stores
  • HVAC Learning Solutions is now Lennox Learning Solutions
  • is now

Store Locator Page

  • Improved Search Speed
  • Improved Load Times

Additional Enhancements

  • Design improvements on Product Detail pages
  • Quick order type-ahead search
  • Add custom reminders/notifications on Lead Details page

Bug Fixes

  • Order summary totals are showing '0' when promo code is applied for some users
  • Multiple email notification issue with request access
  • Some users are not able to change zip codes for check availability and cart page pickupoptions
  • Compressor claims not flagged for return
  • Intervention email not generated for order
  • Some users getting 404 errors for SMS notification links
  • Claim has a FPSN that is not valid for this unit

September 21, 2018

Service Release 18.6

Service Release 18.6 strengthens user efficiency by providing time-saving features that help enhance thesellingprocess. The new release provides improvements to internal systems that support warranty, products, andmobileappearance.

Proposal Builder Updates

  • Easily add multiple AHRI systems to a proposal.
  • Improved custom search experience.
  • Create proposals with mini-splits.
  • A custom cash or percentage discount that allows adjustments of final price.


Scheduling Preferences

  • Sync your calendars


July 13, 2018

Service Release 18.5

Service Release 18.5 lets users make AHRI matches in all regions within the U.S. We’ve also addedskylights tothe Load Calculator.

AHRI Residential Matchup Tool Updates

  • Now with regions
  • Create one-to-one single zone matched MLA and MLB lines
  • Create multi-zone ducted and non-ducted combinations


Manual J Load Calculator Updates

  • Reporting enhancements
  • Improved tracking
  • Skylights
  • Proposal Builder integration


June 1, 2018

Service Release 18.4

Service Release 18.4 focuses on Proposal Builder offering more features and functionality. Users can setflatrate permit for pricing calculations or set times for lead appointments and scheduled dates.

Lead & Customer Management Dashboard Updates

  • Quickly find lead or customer information with new search feature
  • Improved user experience


Proposal Builder Updates

  • Opt-in to Web Leads for CAP Dealers
  • Now you can set a flat rate permit for pricing calculations
  • Set times for your lead appointments and scheduled dates
  • Improved user experience


AHRI Residential Matchup Tool Updates

  • Now with Mini-Splits


May 11, 2018

Service Release 18.2

Service Release 18.2 enables users to plan their job board with more confidence. Shipment Tracker letsuserstrack their shipment from order, to delivery. The Manual J Load Calculator allows users to providehomeowners withdata-driven reports that are professional looking, detailed and can be sent as a PDF.

Shipment Tracker

  • Opt-in to real-time shipment updates


Manual J Load Calculator

  • Create detailed professional reports
  • Save time performing Load Calculations


February 16, 2018

Service Release 18.1

Service Release 18.1 offers CAP Dealers free Web Leads when they opt-in from the DealerLocator. TheAHRI Residential Matchup tool lets users create their perfect match. Using the enhanced Load Calculator,users cancut their sizing time in half with accuracy, efficiency and speed.

Web Leads

  • Registered CAP Dealers can opt-in to receive leads from the Dealer Locator andother lead sources.
  • Receive automatic email & text messages
  • Access lead information in one place


AHRI Residential Matchup Tool

  • Easily create AC and HP matches
  • Lookup AHRI matches
  • Save your favorite system matches with “My Perfect Match” feature


Manual J Load Calculator

  • Cut calculation time in half
  • Perform both block load and room-by-room load calculations
  • Download ACCA approved professional reports as PDFs


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