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More than 6,000 full-service HVAC contractors come to Lennox first.

Why? It could be our vast network stretching across North America, with 5 factories and 30 distribution centers serving Lennox Stores in 42 states and 8 Canadian provinces, or our extended peak-season hours and, at key locations, after-hours on-call.

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*Previously known as Lennox PartsPlus

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Partnering in Perfect Air

More than 6,000 full-service HVAC contractors come to Lennox first.

Lennox Stores create a network that includes over 200 locations delivering the most responsive and convenient brand in the industry. Inside every Lennox Store, you’ll find:

  • Expert staff
  • Industry-leading equipment
  • Parts & supplies
  • Warranty support
  • And much more

When you step into a Lennox Store, we speak directly to you. There is no middle man, unlike our competitors. Come in today to find out what local promotions are available to benefit you and your customers.

Lennox Stores welcome fully licensed HVAC professionals. Interested in partnering with the best HVAC experts the indoor comfort industry has to offer? Join below.

Comfort for the Whole Planet

As members of the United States Thermostat Recycling Corporation and Canadian Switch the Stat Program, we are committed to proper thermostat recycling to keep toxic materials, such as mercury, out of our landfills.

Any store in the U.S. and Canada will accept and recycle old thermostats containing mercury switches, to make sure they’re safely removed from the waste stream. Dispose of your mercury switch thermostats at Lennox Stores, at your convenience.

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