Lennox CK40, CK40HT-30A, 2.5 Ton, Refrigerant Versatile, Cased Aluminum Horizontal Evaporator Coil

Cat # : 25P73

Model/Part # : CK40HT-30A


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Catalog Number
Model/Part Number
Minimum Order Quantity
Base Unit of Measure
Nominal Cooling Capacity
2.5 Ton
Metering Device
TXV (R454B Convertible)
Product Depth
21.5 Inch
Product Width
14.5 Inch
Product Height
31.5 Inch
Material Type
Refrigerant Versatile Evaporator Coil
Lennox Gray
Gross Weight
50 Lbs.
Suction Line OD
7/8 Inch
Liquid Line OD
3/8 Inch

Product Overview

CK40HT-01 Indoor Evaporator Coil

Horizontal, full-cased R-410A models, convertible to R-454B at time of initial installation

For every application and configuration, our cooling coils are the perfect choice. Introducing CK40CT-01 up-flow evaporator coils by Lennox, they are designed for use with air conditioners and heat pumps and are supplied with a factory-installed R-410A thermostatic expansion valve. These versatile models are convertible to R-454B at time of initial installation with a Refrigerant Detection System (RDS) Coil Sensor Kit and R-454B TXV. This gives you flexibility during installation to meet the repair or replacement needs of your customers, while also allowing you to stock fewer coils in inventory and save space.

Having a factory-installed TXV ensures highly efficient operation across a wide range of environmental conditions. The CK40CT-01 family of coils are designed with aluminum tube construction which provides great heat transfer and additional resistance to environmental contaminants. Durable components, such as corrosion-resistant casing and anti-microbial drain pans, help guard against unexpected service calls.

  • 1.5- to 5-ton capacities
  • Factory-installed R-410A thermostatic expansion valve helps ensure highly efficient operation
  • Convertible to R-454B with the RDS Coil Sensor Kit and R-454B TXV at the time of initial installation only
    • The RDS Coil Sensor Kit includes the RDS sensor, sensor mounting brackets, RDS line set sleeve, and A2L refrigerant labeling.
    • The conversion components are sold separately and will be available to order this summer. 
    • Converting after initial installation violates the safety agency mark and, therefore, voids the warranty.
  • Large surface area for high-efficiency operation
  • Lighter, rifled aluminum tubing, hairpins, distributor and header tubes for improved durability in certain environments
  • Non-corrosive, UV-resistant polymer drain pan with dual connections and improved gasketing for an even bette air seal.
  • Minimal air resistance for better performance


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