Airex 72E-B HVAC Refrigerant Piping Insluation Protective Cover

Cat # : Y8004

Model/Part # : 72E-B


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Catalog Number
Model/Part Number
Minimum Order Quantity
Base Unit of Measure
Product Depth
8 IN
Product Height
54.5 IN
Product Width
4 IN
8 IN
Gross Weight
1.1 LB
E-Flex Guard
1.1 LBS
10 Years
Core Product

Product Overview

E-FLEX GUARD 6'-5/8'',7/8'' W/1/2''

Insulation protection for refrigeration piping on outdoor applications. The flexible PVC insulation protector complies with mandatory requirements where adhesive tapes are no longer allowed by code, and as specifically prescribed by the new building/residential/energy codes. Engineered PVC material is UV/weather resistant and a Class II vapor retarder to comply with new energy codes, and sustainably protects outdoor pipe insulation (all-in-one). Insulation protection system consists of an engineered and formulated PVC sheeted material to specifically protect outdoor piping insulation. It is designed and manufactured as a flexible PVC jacket, with a permanent non-adhesive dual bonded self-gripping integral fastening system. The fastening system allows the protector to be removable and reusable for ease of maintenance, as required by code bodies. The insulation protector consists of resilient PVC material that is Class “A” fire/smoke rated, vapor retarder, anti-fungal, and anti-microbial. The 72E-B model is available in standard piping insulation diameter sizes, and lengths of up to 75 feet of continuous non-interrupted runs (allows for field applied cut to length requirements). Individual 90-degree angle insulation protection fittings are also available. The insulation protection system completes a code compliant, aesthetic, and secure professional finish installation. Airex E-Flex Guard 72E-B is the sustainable solution to maintain energy efficiency and optimum performance of HVAC equipment.


  • Fits over: 5/8", 3/4", 7/8" tubing with 1/2" wall insulation
  • 6-Ft Roll
  • Meets mandatory Building Codes, Energy, Residential, Mechanical, and Green Codes
  • Self-Gripping, Dual-Bonded Hook & Loop Fastening System
  • Removable/Reusable for Maintenance
  • Protector and Class II Vapor Retarder (All-In-One)
  • Zip-Ties included for added grip around line set and pipe insulation