New 2 – 10 ton high-efficiency heat pumps with dual-fuel option.


Landmark rooftop heat pump
Lennox Commercial

The Landmark® rooftop line now gives you the flexibility to choose from dual-fuel and traditional electric resistance units, in just the right size for your application. The new 2 – 10 ton high-efficiency heat pumps configure to suit a variety of applications, offering efficiencies of up to 16.5 SEER, 14.8 IEER and 13.0 EER. Dual-fuel and electric resistance heating options are offered, with efficiencies of up to 8.5 HSPF and 3.9 COP.

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Product flexibility

Product flexibility

  • Lennox® Commercial distribution facilities have Landmark heat pump units ready for immediate shipment.
  • Same or next-day delivery* is available for customers within 100 miles of a stocking location in North America.
  • Plus, with more than 100 field-installed options available, unit can be configured to fit the application.

High-Efficiency and Dual-Fuel Option

High-Efficiency & Dual-Fuel Option

  • A new dual-fuel system is available that automatically switches between electric and gas heating, based on whichever is most energy efficient for the weather.
  • This option helps buildings save energy without compromising comfort.

Government Compliance and Rebates

Government Compliance & Rebates

  • Landmark units with multi-stage air volume (MSAV) technology deliver fan power savings of up to 61% and are up to 27% more efficient** than standard systems.
  • These units exceed ASHRAE 90.1 2013 standards and are qualified up to CEE Tier II utility rebates and energy incentives.


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Stockables availability: Available at distribution centers.

Description Ton Catalog Number
KHB024H4EN P/208 - 230 Volt/1 Ph 2 BA853
KHB036H4EN Y/208 - 230 Volt/3 Ph 3 BB527
KHB036H4TN G/460 Volt/3 Ph 3 BB526
KHB048H4TN G/460 Volt/3 Ph 4 BB523
KHB048H4TN Y/208 - 230 Volt/3 Ph 4 BB390
KHB060H4TN Y/208 - 230 Volt/3 Ph 5 BB392
KHB060H4TN G/460 Volt/3 Ph 5 BB524
KHB092H4BN Y/208 - 230 Volt/3 Ph 7.5 AZ936
KHB092H4BN G/460 Volt/3 Ph 7.5 BB423
KHB122H4EN Y/230 - 3 10 BA118
KHB122H4EN G/460 - 3 10 BC091
KDB048H4TB G/460 Volt/3 Ph 4 BB530
KDB060H4TB Y/208 - 230 Volt/3 Ph 5 BB529
KDB092H4BS Y/208 - 230 Volt/3 Ph 7.5 BB378

Sales & Marketing Materials

  • Preliminary product specification (EHBs) available now on PIRL
  • Product overview video/presentation – on C4C
  • Final product specifications (EHBs) – on PIRL
  • Installation manuals – on PIRL

* In select locations only.

** Part load, IEER improvement. Comparing standard 10.9 IEER system to optional MSAV 13.8 IEER system.