Coffee chat and promotions: Why you should have coffee with your boss

Here's a hiring secret: When there are multiple applicants with the same qualifications, managers might pick the candidate who seems more fun to hang out with. The same goes for promotions. Having regular coffee meetings with your boss could up the chances for your advances.

Work your way in

Most bosses are very busy. There are deadlines, client issues, and accounting problems popping up left and right every day. It may seem like he or she doesn't have time for you, but everybody has five minutes somewhere. Pick a day without scheduled meetings, and make yourself present in their office. Suggestion: Bring coffee (or a breakfast burrito) with a smile on your face.

Skimp on the small talk

There's breaking the ice, then there's small talk. Don't spend too much valuable time talking about the weather or last night's football game. Catch up on the things you've accomplished recently that your superior may not be aware of. If your boss seems particularly overwhelmed, ask if there's anything you can do beyond your job duties to help. Better yet, offer suggestions of what you can do to help.

Actualize your potential

Once you're in the routine of regular professional communication with your boss, it's time to act on the potential you've created for yourself. When something bigger or better opens up, don't be afraid to be bold. It's not the end of the world if you're told, "no." Genuinely seek advice from your boss and use your knowledge to mentor others.

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