HVAC training for returning techs

HVAC training courses are hands down the best way to jump back into the business. If you've been away for some time, you'll not only need hands-on experience, but several certifications (depending on your area and type of contracting) and certain courses to help jog your memory.

Performing Service Calls

The best bet for technicians is training on service calls, since this is a task you'll perform almost daily. Not only is it important to know how the systems work, it's important to know how to treat your customer.

This requires both on-the-job training, as well as refresher online courses. It takes many years to be savvy in the business, and starting up again is no different.


Though you knew the ropes of the business 10 years ago, systems have likely changed. Therefore, you should probably take some how-to courses on installation. Sounds daunting? Go easy on yourself and take a webinar series or other online training course. Of course, nothing replaces on-the-job training, but classes should supplement any type of formal or informal training you receive.

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