Increase close rates with
ACCA Approved Reports

Cut calculation times in half.

Tired of using spreadsheets or complicated software to perform time-consuming load calculations? Our user-friendly Manual J. Load Calculator makes ACCA approved reports that help your customers conserve energy by calculating the proper heating and cooling needed.

Key Benefits Include:

Save Time

Reduce load calculation time from 45 minutes to a few minutes.

Ease of Use

Instantly create Manual J load calculations from any computer or mobile device.

ACCA Approved Reports

ACCA approved professional reports, including detailed worksheet calculations.

New Enhancements:

New Enhancements:

Imporoved Tracing

  • Newly redesigned Google Maps tracing library for existing homes.
  • Perfect for block-load calculations.

Proposal Builder Integration

  • Use it as part of your sales process to size, propose and close.
  • Create load calculations for multi-system homes.

Enhanced Reports

  • In addition to summary reports, detailed reports are now available.
  • Ability to edit reports until marked as Final.


  • Mobile first design that allows usage whether in the home or office.
  • Access reports and projects from any device.

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