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A tool designed with you in mind

We know our tools are vital to your work. That’s why we’re continuously refining and adding new improvements. Our new Repair Part Finder lets you work faster and feel confident in knowing you have precision and consistency finding the Lennox parts you need. With improved benefits and integrated features, start managing your time more efficiently while delivering unparalleled service to your customers.

Designed with you in mind for either your desktop, mobile, or tablet, you get worry-free accuracy across each device, with no more issues buying the wrong part by choosing the wrong revision number.

Plus, we’ve added another option to search for parts using the Catalog Number. Whether you’re on the job or at the shop, you have four search options you can use to find your Lennox parts lookup.

Search options include:

Lennox model number lookup and part number lookup.

Model/Part Number

Lennox serial number lookup

Serial Number

Searching with a catalog number

And now, Catalog Number!

Find Parts

Save time, have a few extra parts on hand

Some parts wear out faster than others. With our new Top 5 Replacement Part Carousel feature, you can see the 5 parts frequently bought that are associated with the equipment you’re working on. This is helpful because you can order extras in case you have another service call with the same problem. Saves you time and money by already having the part on hand.

Laptop showing the top replacement parts for Lennox model number lookup

Resources to make your job easier

The Parts List screen is a new feature that lets you see all the associated parts and descriptions related to the equipment. We’ve added an exploded view drawing so you can see the relationship or order of assembly of the various parts.

Mac displaying Lennox model number lookup on the new repair part finder tool

A quick link to Document Library

You also have access to technical notes so you can troubleshoot any issues you’re having. Need more detailed instructions or wiring diagrams? We’ve embedded a quick link that connects you to our comprehensive Document Library. Find the documents you’re looking for using the quick link so you can finish your job quickly and efficiently.

Product Detail Page

When you’re on the job you can never have enough resources, data, or information on hand. That’s why we’ve provided easy access to the Product Detail page. You get accurate pricing and availability along with warranty information that tells you whether the part is eligible for warranty. You can also check to see what other units use the part as well.

The new Repair Part Finder has been improved and enhanced to anticipate the different situations you may encounter on the job and what you might need to solve the problem.

HVAC technician checking the Lennox serial number lookup results

Scan and go

Another fast, efficient way to find your Lennox replacement part numbers is using LennoxPros mobile app. This is especially useful when you’re on the job. The mobile app allows your phone to double as a scanner. Simply scan the bar code on the Lennox equipment, select ‘Find Parts’, and select your parts category to see availability and pricing. When you’re ready to order your part, tap your phone’s screen — your order will be fulfilled.

HVAC technician using the LennoxPros app on their iphone

Get digital, go mobile

If you’ve not downloaded the LennoxPros mobile app, you’re missing out on a completely innovative and time-saving way to work faster, accurately, and more efficiently. Download it now and experience the efficiency of going digital.

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