The importance of regular company meetings


When the busy seasons hit full force, what's one of the things to hit the bottom of the priority list? Regular company meetings. While it may seem like a great way to save time, it's been my experience that this is something that should stay top of mind especially during the busy season because it can benefit your bottom line.

Why they're important

  • It's a platform for communication. With the hustle and bustle, your team will probably miss each other in passing throughout the week. Gathering everyone together in a central location in the business for an all-hands-on-deck meeting gives the team a chance to catch up with each other and their managers.
  • It's a good morale booster. Let's face it - busy seasons can be overwhelming. Calm the chaos with some coffee, a smile, and some support from fellow team members and management.
  • It builds unity. Regular meetings remind contractors, installers, technicians, comfort advisors, even the receptionist, that they are part of one big team of people there to make a difference in the community and the comfort of their customers.

Make the most of each meeting 

  • Have an agenda - When you have organized talking points, you're less likely to forget something when you have your team at their most receptive. Make a quick agenda ahead of the meeting to keep yourself on track and the meeting efficient.
  • Use handouts - Chances are, the minute your employees leave the meeting, they're initiating work mode and are already checking items off their to-do list. Stack the odds in your favor by giving them handouts for reminders and action plans for the "next steps."
  • Take notes - Did an employee ask you for something? Did they voice a concern? Did you remember something you needed to follow up on? Have a designated note taker to take notes throughout the meeting. 
  • Ask questions - This is your opportunity to see how things are going. Are they low on inventory? Do you need to put in a new order for uniforms? Are there enough supplies in the break room? There's no such thing as a dumb question, so ask away. 

Remember, happy and loyal employees make happy and loyal customers. Keep the company unified, informed, and excited for the busy season with simple regular company meetings.

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